Innovation round up – August 08

TOO MUCH INNOVATION – “We spoke about innovation overload two years ago. If anything has changed since then, it’s that the overload has become an avalanche.” Perhaps we should just focus on what we’ve already got and make that work really really well for customers.

GIVING THE CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY WANT – A simple example of the benefit of matching customer needs – if a plumbing business can do it, why cant we?

VIDEO THE KILLER APP – Still not convinced on video? Watch John Chambers (Chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems) talk about video being the killer app. Thanks Alex K.

THE POWER OF COLLABORATION – Again, John Chambers writes an interesting summary on the power of collaboration through global networks and telecommunications

SHOP TIL YOU DROP-DOWN – Some really interesting interfaces replicating retail experiences, and new ways to navigate. Everything on this page is cool.

IDEO ASKS THE BIG QUESTIONS – Designers begin by asking questions. It’s how we address some of the biggest, most complex challenges facing people and organizations today. Also from ideo – Eyes Wide Open.

FREE MAGENTA – Rebel against T-Mobiles attempt to trademark a colour, a la Cadbury – ridiculous …

LOCOMATRIX – GPS and location based games gets kids outside, but still online. Reminds me of exergaming

GOOGLE STREET VIEW – Causing quite a controversy. I found my house – did you? – give it a go and click on the street view button.

THE HALF BAKERY – Got a stupid, or not so stupid idea? Submit it to the half bakery

IDEAS SHOWER – We don’t brainstorm anymore … see how companies leverage the net to break through problem solving. P&Gs Connect & Develop is similar.

PHONTOGRAPHY – Nokia combines the images on the web with ideas, themes, concepts

PREDICT THE NEXT 5000 DAYS OF THE WEB – At the 2007 EG conference, Kevin Kelly shares a fun stat: The World Wide Web, as we know it, is only 5,000 days old. Now, Kelly asks, how can we predict what’s coming in the next 5,000 days?

THE TRUTH ABOUT SMART – For the Smart Car of course. A good example of interactive storytelling: simple, witty and even very informative.



HOW MANY SPONSORS – than 30 in total, I guess you need a lot of money to send 100+ people on a 3 week trip

TELSTRA BANKING ON MOBILE – Get ready for mobile content to be the big hit this year

ADVERTISING BOOM – A boom in the advertising industry because of the election and Olympic advertising, with Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP CEO. Also note his comment at the end about blogging and video.

BANKWEST NOT MAKING THE MOST OF THEIR OFFICIAL AOC SPONSORSHIP? – Other than a Telenet saver product and fairly light campaign, are BankWest leveraging this enough?

20 MILLION & TWO – Commbank extend their Determined To Be Different campaign to a peripheral link to the Olympics

BHP GET INTO IT – Not just providing the materials for the medals…

HSBC BEEFS UP MULTI-LINGUAL CAPABILITY IN BEIJING – Adding Spanish & Portuguese, more 24/7 agents

THE RISE OF CHINA, WITH OR WITHOUT THE OLYMPICS – China’s rise is a cause for celebration—but despite the Beijing Olympics, not because of them



FIDELITY LABS – Posted before, but an interesting space where Fidelity gets their customers to test new ideas – widgets, podcasts, portfolio analysis tools, sms alerts

JEREMY LISTS ALL THE GOOD SOCIAL NETWORK BANKS – Fidelity is also on this good list of 2.0 banking sites – good for many different reasons

TOUR BANKWESTS NEW EAST COAST STORES – Coffee machines, Nintendo Wii, business books … gimmicks are good

PRE-PAID LOCKED IN PETROL PRICES ON A CARD – A new service from lets consumers prepurchase gas and lock in today’s gas prices for the future. Imagine locking in rates, or deals.

DREAM BANK – “DreamBank connects Dreamers and supporters to help create positive change by giving dreams, not stuff.” Support your favourite cause with the power of the web.

8.08% FOR 8 MONTHS FROM 08.08.08 – Someone had to do it. Commbank did.

E-INVOICING IN EUROPE – Bo Harald, chairman, EC Expert Group on e-Invoicing, spoke to Finextra at EBAday in Helsinki about the progress being made by industry bodies to lay the groundwork for wider adoption of e-invoicing in the European single market.

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