Innovation round up – July 08


BMW GINA – Ever seen a car clad in material? An interesting new approach to forgoing heavy, expensive metals for a thin, plyable fabric skin. Also have a look at BMWs beautiful new building, BMW Welt


YOUNG & RESTLESS IN CHINA – Watch and learn about the wave of young talent in China, and how different young people are making the most of the wave of change. More brilliance from Frontline. PS This was also on SBS this week.

MONOCLE REVEAL THEIR MOST LIVABLE CITIES – With a slant towards architecture and urban design, the magazine takes a fresh look at what it is to be a livable city

DESIGN THINKING – Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes—and even strategy. Written by the head of IDEO.

HERMES TAKES LUXURY TO A NEW LEVEL - If you have a spare 6m euros, why not lash out and get a Eurocopter fitted out in Hermes?

HOW TO REUSE BUILDINGS – Have a look at this beautiful solution on turning a old derelict building into something sculptural and new – just drop a new house inside the old. Kind of like this bookstore in a church in Holland


THE FUTURE OF MOBILE PHONES – Watch Jan Chipchase, head researcher at Nokia, give a really interesting presentation on his recent research and the role of mobiles. See his excellent blog here.

THE FUTURE OF BOOKS – With the advent of the Kindle, Amazons digital book, Economist explores the future of print. Will we see books become disparate and broken down into pieces as we did with the digital revolution in music and film?

THE FUTURE OF ROBOTS – The use of robotic labour is increasing as it becomes cheaper to build and implement. In an age where birth rates are dropping, and the population is aging, will we see robots become an important part of domestic life??

THE FUTURE OF TELCO RETAIL – Let T-Life take you on a (fully branded, subversive, commercially business case proven) journey

THE FUTURE OF BANKING – This study from Deloitte Research identifies major market drivers and operational challenges that financial institutions will likely face over the next four years and pin-points the strategies and practices recommended to create the “Hallmarks of Success.”

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