A little bit of design can help

Design is playing a more public and powerful role in banking these days, certainly more than it used to. And its good to see. The process, practice and approach of design can help to solve problems or create new opportunities for businesses and customers alike that in the past simply went unanswered. The recent design […]


What’s OmniChannel to the Customer?

It’s a popular term right now isn’t it? Omnichannel. We accepted the multichannel offering – not necessarily integrated, but the presence of the various channels in some coordinated form – as being the state that was satisfactory for many banks. Sure you could call the call centre, and they had no idea what you did […]


Innovation Roundup – June 28, 2012

Global financial services innovation & news Jack Dorsey,  the darling of all financial services press, talks about Square and how the company hopes to infuse financial transactions with a dose of human intimacy.  A great profile and insight from Wired. Citibank Singapore gives customers the ability to deactivate and reactivate a credit card on the […]


Innovation Roundup – March 19 2012

Yep they’re back, and hopefully these new (and some old) ideas will inspire you. Twitter is still the best place to go for this stuff. Global financial services innovation & news This may be old news for you but last week a Goldman Sachs banker wrote this scathing leaving letter published by the New York […]


The 31 Signs Your Bank Just Doesn’t Get ‘It’

Watching banks navigate these pretty volatile times in which customers are questioning pretty much every aspect of their financial setup – who they’re with, what they’re holding, how they time markets and movement in banking – has really revealed their true colors to me. A benefit of only being in the banking industry for 5 […]